environmental geo technical geo hydrological building sciences

The firm, our clients call MCR, is a specialty consultancy with broad experience in geo-engineering. Established in 1982, the firm’s prime project functions have always been (1) to assist the design team, (2) to assist the owner with obtaining necessary permits and (3) to minimize extra costs typically associated with underground works.

These tasks are best accomplished by team work. 

The geotechnical group specializes in ground exploration and provides foundation recommendations. The group carries out foundation, tunneling
and shoring design reviews, instrumentation and monitoring, and materials testing. 

Our environmental group, working closely with geotechnical people, provides our clients with pre-purchase site assessments, Phase I, II and III,
as well as designated substance/demolition reports.  These services are typically followed by a site clean up and filing of Record of Site Condition with the Ministry of Environment.

The geohydrology group focuses on temporary dewatering and permanent drainage of project sites, and works closely with the geothermal group. 

The geothermal group has been at the fore front of the innovative geothermal energy for the last 20 years.

The specialty groups are supported by state of the art CSA certified laboratories